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  • 01 Winning the market with brand strength
    ● Leading enterprise of aluminum profile processing industry in China, leading role of first-line brand;
    ● The first enterprise entering into the aerospace field in the industry, FengLu is "Partner of China's Space Industry";
    ● The first enterprise entering into the military industry, FengLu has passed the "Weapons and Equipment Quality Management System" Certification;
    ● FengLu is listed in "Top 500 Most Valuable Brands in China";
    ● Ranking the first in the China Building Aluminum Profile Industry for 2 consecutive years;
    ● FengLu awarded the "Chinese Manufacturing Single Item Champion Enterprise" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology;
    ● Ranking the first in "2018 China's Top 500 Real Estate Enterprises Preferred Suppliers (Aluminum Profile)"
  • 02 Taking the lead with R&D advantage
    ● FengLu possesses the National Level Technical Center and National Accreditation Laboratory
    ● FengLu possesses the leading research institute in the industry - "FengLu Research Institute".FengLu has cooperated with University of Science and Technology Beijing, Central South University, General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals and Guangzhou Nonferrous Metal Research Institute, set up the "Academician Workshop" and "Post-Doctoral Scientific Research Station";
    ● FengLu possesses the first R&D institution in the door and window processing industry - "FengLu High-End System Door and Window Research Institute". The strong R&D team and leading scientific research strength have provided strong intellectual support for product development, ensuring the quick launch of new products and rapid product upgrade.
    ● Each product of FengLu high-end system doors and windows has passed strict structural design, performance consideration, testing and verification. The water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, heat preservation and sound insulation performance of the products are higher than similar products in the market.
  • 03 Guaranteed by production advantage
    ● With an annual production capacity of 500,000 tons, FengLu products have nearly 5,000 product series and more than 100,000 varieties. The products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions such as Europe and America. Strong production scale, stable product quality and "fast delivery" are the core competitiveness of FengLu.
    ● FengLu possesses domestic and overseas advanced large-scale tonnage and well-equipped large-scale extrusion production lines, and has established the complete aluminum processing industry chain and production operation system from product development, mould design and manufacturing, aluminum alloy profile processing, surface treatment, "advanced, precise, top" deep processing, high-end system doors and windows series products, etc.
  • 04 Promoting growth with considerate service
    ● Professional five-star service team provides 24*7 service such as order, design, production, logistics and after-sales.
  • Advertising support

    FengLu has the comprehensive and three-dimensional advertising system covering CCTV, satellite TV, radio, expressway, Internet, etc., and provides various forms of comprehensive marketing services for dealers through new media such as social media, digital media and community media.
    FengLu participates in first-class professional exhibitions at home and abroad such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Europe and the United States every year. With the exhibition, FengLu carries out the promotion of high-end system door and window brands and the release of new products, which has vigorously expanded the brand influence.
  • Training support

    FengLu has set up the "FengLu Business School" which possesses the strong and industry-leading professional lecturer team, and can provide systematic and complete terminal operation intelligence support from store building, opening to market operation. In addition, FengLu regularly holds dealer training, store manager training, shopping guide training, installation workers training, community promotion training, marketing event planning and so on. FengLu develops the professional sales team for the terminal stores, and provides reliable guarantee for continuously improving the team's quality and profitability.
  • Decoration support

    FengLu assists dealers in selecting the location of the store and provides subsidies for the decoration of the store according to the location and decoration of the store.
  • Store design

    Adopting the national unified VIS image specification, providing free design by senior designer.
  • Sample displaying support

    Providing samples with discount, dealers enjoy rebate support after reaching certain conditions, equivalent to free sample loading.
  • Event support

    Provide a full range of event planning, materials, and policy support including the opening event planning and holiday promotion activities.
  • After-sale service

    Set customer service hotline and special customer service staff to solve the worries of customers.
Image display

The guiding role of SI for the terminal

FengLu has attached great importance to the profession and its own brand image. In the design and display of the brand image, FengLu also has implanted the big brand concept in the heart of consumers, when people see the brand name, the concise and high-end space design can not only refer to the brand's internal image, but also the brand image and concept. The concept and uniqueness can also better show the products. The combination of different spaces provides the perfect experience of experience + practicality for sales.

Technology, Humanity and Luxury, starting from the satisfaction of customer's demands on quality life, FengLu high-end system doors and windows create the stylish, taste, high-end terminal space image system (SI), allowing customers to realize the quality and elegance of the doors and windows of FengLu high-end system when choosing the door and window products.
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