FENGLU window & door system

Aero quality, new vision of doors and windows

With the core advantages of FengLu in smart manufacturing
Leading the high-end, graceful and luxurious life

FengLu high-end system doors and windows, is the high-end door and window brand of FengLu.With 20 years of deep cultivation and technology accumulation of FengLu in the industry, "advanced, precise, top" smart manufacturing advantage and global shared resource platform,FengLu high-end system doors and windows are dedicated to providing owners, architects and investors with solutions for door and window products of high heat insulation, high sound insulation, low energy consumption and strong sealing performance.


Professional material selection
Guarantee quality from the source

Special Aluminum for Chinese Aerospace
Chinese Manufacturing Single Item Champion Enterprise
Imported accessories
30 years of experience
Make good doors and windows in China

Scientific research strength
National standard technical support

National Level Technical Center
National Accreditation Laboratory

Exclusive smart manufacturing
Core technology and process

Isobaric principle, bevel design
European standard, patented aluminum
Imported equipment, core technology
Good quality of FengLu, good doors and windows in China

FengLu high-end system door and window products include: window series (casement window, sliding window, hanging window, lifting window), door series (swing door, double acting door, folding door, lifting double acting door), sunroom series.