System doors and windows,only choose FengLu

  • Explanation to LOGO

    FengLu LOGO is based on the right-angled outline of the door and window. Combining the initial letter "F, L" of "FengLu", the overall shape is square, light and fashionable.

    The blue right-angle shape symbolizes the quality and professionalism of FengLu. The orange "F, L" highlights the innovation, taste and technology of FengLu.

  • Brand operation strategy

    Brand orientation: high-end system doors and windows
    Brand slogan: I have my quality
    Brand mission:Provide owners, architects, investors with solutions for door and window products of high heat insulation, high sound insulation, low energy consumption and strong sealing performance
    Brand goal:Become the leading role of integrated solutions for high-tech system doors and windows
    Brand values:system doors and windows, only choose FengLu
    Brand design concept: technology, humanity and luxury
    Brand series orientation: promotion, main, image