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FengLu high-end system doors and windows, making good doors and windows in China for 30 years
  • Silent

    FengLu high-end system doors and windows adopt the overall broken bridge process with elaborate design for internal structure. After testing, it can effectively reduce the outdoor noise.
  • Airtight

    FengLu high-end system doors and windows feature tight joint and can block the penetration of PM2.5 by adopting multiple airtight technologies.
  • Energy Saving

    Combining with various energy-saving technologies, it features stronger heat insulation, keeps indoor warm in winter and cool in summer, and can save energy, provide the healthy living environment.
  • Security

    The components of FengLu high-end system doors and windows must pass strict test, the components are properly matched with good stability.

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Aero quality, new vision of doors and windows

With precise manufacturing, excellent quality is the foundation of FengLu FengLu is specialized in the R&D and production of building aluminum profiles, industrial aluminum profiles, high-end decorative aluminum profiles, high-end system doors and windows, and special aluminum alloy products such as aerospace and military. The products have been entitled as the "Special Aluminum for Chinese Aerospace", and the company awarded "Chinese Manufacturing Single Item Champion Enterprise", "National Technical Center", "National Accreditation Laboratory" and "Real Objective Golden Cup Award for Non-Ferrous Metal Products".
FengLu has an annual production capacity of 500,000 tons and has obtained more than 900 patents. FengLu provides nearly 5,000 product series and more than 100,000 varieties.
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  • Winning the market with brand strength

    The leading enterprise of aluminum profile processing industry in China, the leading role of first-line brand, "Top 500 Brands of Most Value in China", FengLu ranked the first in the Chinese building aluminum profile industry for consecutive 2 sessions.

  • Taking the lead with R&D advantage

    FengLu possesses the state-level enterprise technology center and national accredited laboratory. Each product boasts strict structural design, performance consideration, testing and verification, and the comprehensive performance of the products is higher than similar products in the market.

  • Guaranteed by production advantage

    With an annual production capacity of 500,000 tons, FengLu has nearly 5,000 product series and more than 100,000 varieties. The strong production scale, stable product quality and "fast delivery" are the core competitiveness of FengLu.

  • Promoting growth with considerate service

    Professional five-star service team provides 24*7 service such as order, design, production, logistics and after-sales.

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