GDM80A Champs Elysees Folding Door

1. Anti-pinching design, people-oriented and safe;
2. Double load-bearing structure on top and bottom, the load capacity of single leaf reaches150kg, the manufacturing height is ≤4000mm;
3. Two options of high waterproof rail and low rail;
4. The glass notch can meet the installation of hollow electric shutters to provide the intelligent life experience;
5. The modern 90 ° turn panoramic folding method makes the vision and space wider;
6. Standard configuration with 6mm+19A+6mm insulating glass.
GDM80A Champs Elysees Folding Door detail



product performance
Wind pressure resistanceGrade 8 4.5≤p3<5.0
Air tightnessGrade 6 1.5≥q1>0.5
Water tightnessGrade 4 350≤△p<500
Sound insulationGrade 3 30≤Rw+Ctr<35
Heat insulationGrade 5 3.0>k≥2.5